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Education: At the Heart of our Work for Over 25 Years

͵ has had the opportunity to change the lives of children all around the world through our education projects. As a leading global charity driving social change in over 30 countries, we know that education has the power to truly alleviate poverty for individuals, families and communities.

We have built a strong network of schools across Asia, Africa and the Middle East that fits the community’s specific needs. No one school looks the same, however, they have all had a positive impact on the children’s lives and the community as a whole.

We have witnessed the benefit of your donations first-hand, supporting thousands of children from primary, right through to university graduation. Many of those children have returned to work with us and empower other youngsters towards academic success.

As well as establishing our own schools, we run a varied range of educational programmes that address specific educational needs or provide opportunities for children and young adults who may have missed out on traditional education.

Key Facts

Our work in education

25,000 children receiving a ͵ supported education

We support 130 schools across 18 countries

We employ almost 1,300 teachers

How We Help

Outstanding Teachers

We train talented and motivated teachers to the highest standards, providing them with essential skills and recognised qualifications. We offer our teaching staff stable and competitive salaries and our schools follow a comprehensive curriculum, tailor-made by our education specialists.

Outstanding Facilities

Our purpose-built schools offer high standards of learning facilities. We provide advanced learning resources including computer and science labs and libraries. Sports facilities such as outdoor volleyball courts and football pitches complement the physical education offered on our syllabus.

A Holistic Approach

Nutritious meals keep children alert and ready for their lessons and transport delivers them from remote communities to school.The provision of school bags, uniforms and equipment means that school expenses are not an obstacle to education and a safe, clean environment is ideal for learning and playing.

Benefitting the Community

We believe that our work should benefit the wider community as a whole. As well as providing the highest standard of training for our own teachers, we also share our expertise with other local schools, thus raising the educational standards of the whole area.

Education for Everyone: Offering Another Way for Young Men in Saida

The South Saida Vocational Training Centre, supported by ͵, was established in 2003 to address the alarmingly high number of male students dropping out of school in the local area. It started off with afternoon teaching before becoming a full time VTC educating over 280 boys between the ages of 14 and 20.

The courses on offer here include accountancy, mechanics, computer maintenance and IT systems, literacy, electronics, heating and cooling systems.These courses ensure students can acquire the qualifications and experience to go into further study or to find a decent job where they can earn a good, sustainable income.

However, it’s not just educational support that the centre offers these young men. The centre also offerslessons on ethics and behaviour, has a programme of social activities as well as supervisors who are there to provide emotional support and build up the student’s confidence’.

Visiting the different classrooms and workshops, you can understand why the centre is going from strength to strength.The atmosphere is friendly and informal, students seem genuinely enthusiastic about what they are learning and the teachers are just as passionate. It all goes to show that with the right nurture and care, every child can achieve their potential.

Education for Everyone

Beyond the Classroom

Education is about empowering people for the future. As well as building schools, we support vocational training projects teaching people the skills they need to make a better life for themselves and their families.

These projects provide opportunities for those who have been unable to access a traditional education, they empower young women to be financially independent and they teach practical skills to carry students through to the world of work.

͵ UK

Established in 1993, ͵ is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.