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19 April 2023

Press Release: Comedian Tez Ilyas Raises Thousands for ͵ to Help Those Impacted by Conflict and Climate Change

Sahirah Javaid
Press Release: Comedian Tez Ilyas Raises Thousands for ͵ to Help Those Impacted by Conflict and Climate Change

Comedian Tez Ilyas has partnered with international NGO ͵ this Ramadan to raise thousands of pounds to help those impacted by conflict and climate change in Lebanon and Pakistan. On 31st March 2023, Tez and a group of tenvolunteers from all over the UK welcomed the month of Ramadan by travelling to Lebanon to provide emergency aid to Syrian refugees, who are living in extreme poverty. The group collectively raised over £57,000 to provide food parcels, ensuring that each family has at least two meals a day to open and break their fast during this important Islamic month.

Tez took part in a range of activities, including packing the food parcels at a nearby warehouse, visiting refugee families in the camps to gain a better understanding of their daily struggles and hand delivering the aid to those most in need. Tez will now focus the rest of his Ramadan and those impacted by the devastating floods in August 2022, which affected 33 million people. Funds raised will go towards rebuilding homes in Badin, Sindh, which was one of the worst hit areas, with an initial fundraising target of £20,000 to build ten homes.

Tez Ilyas said:

Going on the ground in Lebanon and meeting the Syrian refugees was an eye-opening and humbling experience. We had an opportunity to go the camps and see the difficult living conditions that these people are facing, which you wouldn’t wish upon yourself or anyone you know. Though we were fasting, which was difficult at times, these people’s needs were greater than our own. The stories we heard were heart breaking, in particular one, where eight children were abandoned by their father having only just lost their mother a week before we visited. We spent some time with the children, many of whom only know life in these camps, which is difficult to comprehend. But I am grateful and thankful to everyone who donated to this vital cause, and I look forward to doing the same for Pakistan.

Yasrab Shah, Fundraising Director, said:

We are grateful for the support Tez has provided to ͵ this Ramadan, not only raising awareness of the vital work we do in Lebanon and Pakistan but raising thousands of pounds for those most in need. Having visited both Pakistan and Lebanon and seeing first-hand how our project work is making a huge difference we know that the funds raised by Tez will be a massive lifeline and will ensure that our interventions continue.


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